Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gifts4Points is a GPT site that allows you to make money online by filling out offers. You can earn points or cash. The cash can be requested once you have reached $5. The payments become instant once you have requested two payments of $5 or more. This is the perfect website if you want to make some quick cash or earn some points for that special item you have been wanting.  They also have an exelent referral program. You get 10% bonus of what ever your referral makes. They also have a sign up bonus and a 3 tier system. This is perfect if you want to start your internet marking skills. This helps me pay for my adword and facebook campaigns.

Hostwinds This is the best web host in the business. They are small but they are big in satisfaction. Their hosting starts at $3.99 and they have very reliable hosting service. Once you sign up you can refer other people and get a percentage everytime your referral makes a payment. If you want to sign up use this code HUB it will get you a big discount on hosting.

Peerfly is one of the best affiliate networks. You can make some good money by offering their programs. They also have a strong referral program.

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